Creating a Wiki

During the Fall 2013 semester, a group of students inTransforming Community Through the Arts was tasked with creating a Wiki about arts for social change.

It began by diving up topics and searching for the best information they could find on their topics. The topics included

Outsider Art for Social Change
Social Change at The New School
Resources for Social Change

Each of these topics was further broken down.

The group's goal was to make a huge amount of information about Arts for Social change: Transforming Community Through the Arts accessible to everyone. The grouped aimed to reach anyone interested in the topic, with the focus on creative arts, therapists, professionals, and clients.

They created a Wiki where people can read about, contribute to, and collect the best practices and most relevant sources related to Arts for Social Change: Transforming Community Through the Arts.

The Wiki was launched in December 2013. It is a living source of information, which means we welcome you to add resources, annotate the resources with a brief description, and create new articles on the Wiki related to Arts for Social Change.

For additional courses and programs at The New School, see

Transforming Community through the Arts
Social Change at the New School

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