New School Art for Survival Toolkit Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the current research on causes, symptoms, and treatment of trauma.
  2. Understand the somatic, mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and relational issues experienced by survivors of trauma.
  3. Understand how Creative Arts Therapy theory/techniques can be used to address and transform the issues in trauma survivors.
  4. Discover through practice an understanding of game design in the form of Live Action Role Play.
  5. Engage with partners, teams, and collaborators in the LARP experiment and assess its efficacy as a tool for empowering survivors through Creative Arts Therapy/Wellness tools and processes.
  6. Understand community partners’ needs and to shape the production of the LARP as a tool for empowering trauma survivors.
  7. Archive our studio work for use in future collaborations.
  8. Review history of performance-based interactive narrative and study systems such as exploration of methodologies to impart educational lessons within game systems and interactive performances, as well as techniques for storytelling with audiences.
  9. Learn and demonstrate techniques from Agosto Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed.
  10. Understand that the goal of “serious” games, which allow players and audience members to play in a live and guided participatory experience to build stories together, is to learn, not win.
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