Playtest Notes 3/5/14 - Team 1

Designing 3 Interactions:

1. On the Topic of Fairy Parties
Fairy Fred:
Fairy Charlie:
Two fairies talking in gibberish.
Each player has a goal like getting a high five from one of them. And the other one is getting another player to dance. Each player gets their goal on a piece of paper.
//Fairy Ruler (npc) w/ a unicorn

2. Prove that you’re nice.
Guard chillin there, prove you're trusting and fabulous.
Parameters: offer three different interactions, at least or at least 5 minutes, and then whatever you think is

3. Researchers leering at fairies. Interaction. One has seen the fairy, you vow not to tell anyone else. Tell the story of the fairyland. Song if possible, if not, no. I know the secret handshake….

First contact and etiquette of first contact. Be curious. Low key-really interesting. Be someone people want to get to know.

Observations on #2: Prove to the Guard

*Suggests Fairy Godmother character*

They start together
awkward interactions
tickling dust
“we swear we’re nice people”
keel over
Rach is so chill

the guard is highly judgmental, guard of fairy land, Rach asks her out on a date, This is getting a little aggressive,
“what’s fairy land like?”
Rach is desperately asking her out. Cupcake. Coffee. No go.
The NPC is way too aggressive.
They want to give up.
Share in the joy, give and take relationship, wonderful, laughter, tickle dust.
“What are you bringing to this group? What’s genuine?”
“Never told a lie? You’re lying.” #aggression
Doesn’t necessarily mean, the feelings
“I want this to be over now.”
“I would leave when I’m ready.”
So much aggression.

Feedback for #2:
Rach was waiting for something to occur to stop the awkwardness, like another person should be.
Was that my objective? Jordana
Jessy- awkward
Jordana wants more clarity and direction. in terms of space and tools. limited ways of communication per chance? verbal dialogue?
- maybe if they danced or sang? but the npc would have to give clues
Jordana was waiting for one to cry. Once they got into character, there was more authenticity
more direction
if the rule were that the guard was not allowed in fairy land.
specific rules are important and the way we present directions are important.
direct instructions
clear motivation of the characters, specific and concrete
single guiding principle.
guard doesn’t let people in, but they have a soft spot
to save my bro, or cuz im bored, dynamic tension
reveal what people value
it’s about not knowing

Observations for #1: Fairy Gibberish:

Can I make up my own fairy name?
Rach accomplished her’s quickly (getting Niki to dance)
Niki said “and then”
Niki mimed slapping Rach
Got Rach to participate in the secret handshake
Looks cute

Observations for #1: Fairy Gibberish:

hard time not saying words
I had a really good time, it was fun and not awkward, except for directions, but then it was fun in there
and then could be a whole range of things.
we can tell them you can only say this one word. boop boop boop boop
give them choices of gibberish.
should’ve picked one.
“ah-nah” is like “and then”
felt quick and free
liked the movement
rachael’s goal was too easy

even the slap wasn’t aggressive because they were in gibberish, still safe because it’s noises not real words and not silence, felt almost three stooges like, charades,
like the sounds
more structured sounds
better with more people
fairy muppets
nonsense name or daffodil? only say name

Importance of instructing the players and the importance of instructing npc’s
The amount of complexity you can introduce
the way you can use bodies and movement

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