Team 1 Play Test Notes 3-21-2014


  • Provide structure
  • Provide simple rules

Music and Lights

  • Possibly use music and possibly lighting to set mood

Language Issue (not everyone speaks the same language)

  • Have a translator to explain what Wise One/Sage is saying
  • Use nonverbal communication
  • Use all senses to get them to engage with space – forest and fairy land


  • Important to Play someone you are not
  • Create character and cast players
  • Characters can have flaws
  • player can change their parts
  • To help with the language issue, players’ can create their characters by selecting costumes and props (we decided upon) rather than reading a description on a piece of paper. If they do not like what they select, put it back and select something else
  • Put up pictures, players select pictures they want to use to define character

Safe Spaces and Time Outs

  • Give them a way to opt out permanently or temporarily
  • Create areas within story where people can go to have a time out; stand by Wise One/Sage or stand by Mayor
  • Have a sitting area where they can observe and catch their breath and collect their thought

Warm Ups

  • Do a warm up where no one is singled out.
  • The Wise One/Sage can lead an exercise and everyone can follow, doing the same thing.
  • Sad Happy warm up

Begin by walking around
Act sad
Say hello when sad
Act happy
Say hello when happy


  • normal social interaction
  • Mask: villagers
  • Remove mask: become fairies when enter fairy land
  • In fairy land giant jigsaw puzzle broken up into pieces signifies the village is in trouble
  • Fairies find the pieces and work together to put the puzzle together
  • When the puzzle in complete, leave fairyland and go back to a healthy, well run village

For more information, see
Notes for Creating Larps

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