Team 1 Play Test Notes 4-2-2014

Group 1 Larp Meeting April 2, 2014

Multiple session with consistent attendance

Weird things are happening in village
The villagers need to band together and go into fairy land to find out why

Create a safe comfortable place where players can model normal social behavior
Perform group ceremonies that are interactions
Possibilities and Examples
• opening ceremony with mayor obstacle players work against obstacle
• dinner ceremony
• getting into fairy land at gate

• trauma survivors who speak English

Suggestion that NPCs wear masks
• professor/mayor
• sage
• school teacher
• fairy in disguise — up to mischief; try to confuse villagers; trickster

Players select their own roles
• Put names of roles in hat; villagers select their roles; if they do not like what they selected, they can put it back and select another role
• Pictures on wall — objects, real, abstract – they select a picture
• Select costumes to go with their roles
• Select props to go with their roles

Weird Things
The pieces of paper and images on the wall list the weird things happening in their homes

• On the back of the sheet of papers with roles in the bag there is a symbol
• On the back of the pictures on the wall representing rolls there is a symbol
• Each symbol is given to 2 or 3 players

Players Locate Objects and Others with their symbol
• Objects with the symbols scattered around room
• Players look for object that has his/her symbol
• When they find their object, they team up with others who have the same symbol

Players Activity
• Each team completes an activity
• Suggestions for Activities
Light-hearted, playful interactions
Can use props, music, art
o Arrange themselves to represent symbol
o Play a tune
o Draw a mural together

Dinner Table
• Will be have a ceremony at the dinner table? will act out eating?
• When the team completes the activity, an NPC gives the team members a chit that invites them to the dinner table
• When all the players and chits are at the dinner table, the gates open and the players can enter Fairy Land
We need a way to represent the gates opening

For more information, see
Notes for Creating Larps

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